PrintSF is a first printing resource available on the 50,000 client base
It's CEO and originator is a forty years old whiz who already made a fortune by reinventing how real estate is sold in California.  Mark Cira was he young executive behind the real estate software that allows for 'paperless transactions' was a hit in Southern California. Now active in another venture with similar 'paperless' goals for the corporate printing, he nevertheless took the time to become a pilot an owner, founding SkyDiego two years ago. A generous man whose altruistic streak knows no borders, Mark was instrumental in advising as well as coming up with a founding donation of $2000.

After more than ten years in the custom stair building business Stairframe Systems Inc. started steel framing staircases in 1999 with custom designed 16 gauge welded steel stringers for builders across North America.
Today, under the new management and ownership of Von Arx Tool & Die Inc, Stairframe (91245365 Québec) Inc. manufactures and distributes a small yet highly versatile inventory of modular welded steel stair stringers of predetermined riser heights, the combinations of which when mix and matching the stringers leading to and from a landing (framed by the builder) create different combinations for any floor-to floor height. 21 SKUs in all, designed to make the distributors’ and the stair builders’ job simpler and better.
The generous CEO Claude Ranger has revolutionized the modular staircase concept. His products have a definite future in some of our two-story concepts; their labor-saving and price advantage, plus the security they provide when we work with untrained crews.
Since we are dedicated at providing safe earthquake resisitive 2-story houses, his concepts will fit perfectly.
This major quality tent manufacturers already serves the refugee tent market very well. As a donor for our institute he will be first to profit from our new geometrical designs, more easily clusterable tents with no guy wires to trip little kids. We intend to develop the prototypes with their research branch.