• By the end of 2012, the Institute will be well known to the faculty of most Architectural Schools throughout the world. It would conceivably by then be very easy to recruit students for summer stages at our different facilities. By gaining insight in our methods as a trade-off for their help, those students will vastly enrich and help spread the Archimede gospel for stronger building shells. Seeding the entire profession at this early date in their career, many of these students will chose to forego conventional practice later on and devote their energies to promoting the thousands of needed shelters before the end of the 2010 decade.

  • On the same schedule, our affiliate offices would recruit local contractors willing to invest a month of their time to learn the Archimede ways. By 2012, we hope to have had the time and energy to clone our head office in several other locations closer to frequent disaster afflicted areas.


These are the eight years where the hurricane shelter project will really be implemented worlwide. After a promotional campaign in 2008, we expect to be training crews in Mexico to manufacture the components to produce and erect these in the affected zones of their country. These people sent to us by their government or NGOs will live with us in Cantamar for the time it takes for them to fully integrate our techniques.


We intend to use the rest of 2007 to raise money and to get in touch with the rebuilding authorities in several areas, namely in Bangladesh, Peru, and Haiti, recent victims of natural disasters. We are completing several design programs:
  • A cyclone shelter for 500 people at below $60K. one that can be completed in 1 month by a semi-skilled crew.
  • A red cross first aid station that can resist cyclones and tsunamis.
  • A tsunami-proof kit house at below $30K, unfinished.
  • An aseptic heli-portable surgical module that is autonomous and air conditioned.
  • A container based portable factory capable of producing 100 panels a day for shelters above.
  • Our new institute training program for manufacturing.
2008 will be the year when we complete our inernational network of affiliates. Tentatively, we aim to have a presence in Dakra BD---Singapore MY---Ho Chi Minh City VN---Beijing CN---Tokyo JP--- Honolulu US---San Diego* US---Cantamar**MX---Dallas*US---Miami* US---Philipsburgh* N.A.---Caracas VE---New York US---Montréal* CA---Paris* FR---Geneva CH---Moscow RU---Rome IT--- Abijan CI--- Istambul TR---Yerevan* AM---Teheran IR
(* single asterisk indicate existing links that we are developing-** Our home office)