This 15-minute video was put together by the Institute to give a hint as to what the Archimede Solutions can look like. The first half brushes a wide historical perspective while the last half introduces the newer techniques adopted in our latest synthesis in Mexico. The reinforced concrete approach is being fully industrialized so as to both simplify and speed up the erection process. Along with our modular pods containing finished bathroom and electrical walls, we are thus providing true prefabrication having these 5 characteristics:
No other prefabricated system meets any more than 2 of of these 5, this at any price. We rightly describe ourselves as offering fully permanent housing and shelter from container-shipped components and local concrete.

We cannot show plant equipment, assembly methods, service core module, and finished components because these are currently part of the patent process, requiring that none of our ideas be published prior to full patent application. Associates and affiliated groups will be able to access these pages.