PERU - Earthquakes don't have to Be Like this - They are non-lethal for those residing in Archimede Houses

The immense tragedy like the one shown above have no reasons to be. These houses are actually slow and expensive to build as compared to Archimede, the latter having an incredible earthquake resistance for the following reasons:
  • 30% to 50% less unsprung weight
  • All concrete surfaces reinforced with a gauge12 mesh
  • All panels joined with similar mesh and armatures
  • Connection to floor with shear resistant steel @ 1m O/C
  • All openings reinforced with #4 rebars, protecting doors and openings
  • All wall are shear walls, yet weigh sometimes less than half of that of regular construction. The axial and perpendicular stress resistance on walls and roof is astounding.
  • All roof/ceiling panels weigh sometimes 4 times less than regular roofs, yet are fully reinforced with concrete mesh on both sides.
  • Connections between roof and walls has a factor of safety of up to 3.