Shown at trade shows where sometimes there is only one day to put it up, the basic Archimede houses attracted crowds of up to 75,000 people in one weekend thorughout the early 80's. No one appeared to be surprised when it was hailed as 'Tomorrow's House', even though the actual purposes of sitting it high were:
  • To profit from small lots by parking the auto below it
  • To better resist floods and earthquakes
  • to create a higher space that would leave cold air below, along with boots, skis and snow covered clothing.
  • for the added security from robbery where only one door needs to be protected
  • And basically to profit from the views and the breezes afforded by elevated living.
It needs to be said that the speed of assembly reflects the speed of fabrication. Uniform repeatable parts allowed Archimede houses to be fully made 'from scratch'; all windows where of the same design and sizes, all were fixed with an insulated panel below for ventilation. And of course all panels were of the same size as explained elsewhere in this site.